COVID 19 guidance for guests and delegates

The safety and wellbeing of our guests, delegates and our staff teams has always been incredibly important to us, and everyone who uses Carnegie Conference Centre should rightly expect a clean, safe and protective environment.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought this into particularly sharp focus. On opening again we have worked with our suppliers of cleaning and hygiene products to provide an even more rigorous, daily cleaning regime, to give you extra peace of mind so that you can once again use the facilities here at Carnegie Conference Centre with confidence.

Hygiene and anti-viral sanitisers

We have placed hand sanitiser dispensers strategically throughout the building, at access and egress points and also within the building.  We have more frequent cleaning of high touch areas such as lift controls, door handles, handrails, radiator controls and remote controls for AV equipment etc.  In addition to this we have strategically placed hygiene stations around the building containing hand sanitiser, wipes (alcohol and non-alcohol based), face masks and a disposal bin.  All delegates and visitors are encouraged to make use of these and wash hands frequently throughout the day.


We employ all of our staff directly which means that we have complete control over the work that they do and can ensure that they are using approved products and working to an agreed standard. Staff will also check all public areas and toilet areas on a more frequent basis.  In addition to this we have additional resource from the College’s cleaning contractor, Mitie.

Reception and social distancing

We will minimise contact and increase protection within our reception area using Perspex screens; keeping to any social distancing measurements in place and having access to hand sanitiser, wipes and masks within this area.

Personal Protective Equipment for our staff members

To protect our staff members they have access to PPE including aprons, gloves and hand sanitiser.  Our staff have been provided with face masks and these are worn in all public areas, and in closer contact client to staff settings face masks will be worn by our staff.

Building Flow

We have carefully considering how to manage client flow around the building, working on a one way system which is clearly marked and conveyed to all organisers and meeting leads on arrival.  Lift access will be restricted to one person at a time, there will be exceptions such as same family members and carers/support for anyone with mobility access requirements.

Track and Trace

For all our safety we require all visitors to the conference centre to log their details on arrival and on departure.  These are kept for the required length of time and then disposed of securely.


The safety of our delegates is obviously important to us and the changes that we have put in place will take into account any required social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures, whilst also delivering our usual high standard of service. 

Wherever possible fully sanitised tea and coffee stations will be available within your meeting room. Where this is not possible, we will work on staggered break times for groups within the centre to minimise clients coming together in public areas at the same time.

Our break items will all be pre-packaged which will mean that for now we will not be providing pastries for morning breaks until such time as these can be re-introduced.

Lunch items will be pre-plated or individually packaged. Where possible we will also introduce environmentally friendly single use items to help reduce contamination.


At CCC we have always been committed to providing a safe and comfortable room environment for our delegates to enjoy and be productive within.  This is now of even more importance to us and to you.

We are working hard to ensure that your meeting and training rooms are set up to provide a safe and professional environment.

We have video conference and other virtual technologies available in order to support virtual and hybrid meetings to take place.

We are very fortunate in that we have a number of rooms of good size here at CCC and so can more easily accommodate events taking into account any required or requested social distancing.

Our spaces can still be adapted to a range of layouts to suit your individual needs safely.  A list of any revised capacities is available on request.


We appreciate that technology will now play an even more important part in facilitating an event to reach the same audience if larger numbers are involved and people cannot travel and meet in the same space.

We have reviewed the technology that we have available in our meeting spaces to try and allow for more delegates to join remotely. Please speak to our sales team to discuss your requirements and how we can help to host a hybrid event.

Risk Assessments

We have conducted Covid 19 risk assessments for all parts of our accommodation and our operations. Copies of these are available on requests.